Friday, April 20, 2018


They spent the week learning about how we came to America, Christopher Columbus, the 13 Colonies, and they started learning about George Washington. They listened to A LOT of school house rock this week! Next week they will continue learning about our country. 

They spent more time on Seeds and diagrams. They took their diagram on brushing their teeth and wrote a paragraph describing the steps. Hopefully they will be able to type those out! 

In math they worked hard on adding and subtracting doubles and doubles plus one. They will continue to build on that this week! 

In Christian Studies they studied the prodigal son, the pharisee and the tax collector, and watched the fifth grade do an awesome chapel on Easter using Resurrection eggs.  

They did their final Abstract art project! I CAN'T WAIT FOR FAMILY ART NIGHT! They worked so hard on these art pieces. You'll be super proud! 



Next years STEM club applications went out in the newslice and I will be sending out a link as well. If you are interested in having your student join, please fill it out and get it back to me. 



Friday, April 13, 2018

The Week of Abstract Art


It is so good to have everyone back! Monday and Tuesday were slow going, it took awhile to get back into the swing of things, but come Wednesday they were cruising.

In Christian Studies this week, they learned about The Rich Young Ruler and how they shouldn't put things before God. They also read about The Rich Fool and filled out their Greed Monster. They took the time to write 6 things they covet and then covered them with the characteristic God wants them to have, Things like Love, Patience, Joy, Peace, Goodness, Kindness. Next week they move on to the Lost Son.

In English they learned about the life cycle of the apple tree. They talked about scientific words and defined them. They should be able to tell you what grow, sprout, apple seed, trunk, blossom, bud, and rot mean. They also learned about diagrams and drew the steps to brushing their teeth.

In math they are wrapping up their measurement and temperature unit and they will dig deeper into solving addition and subtraction problems.

In Social Studies we learned more about diaries and using and saving our resources. They had to decide if paper or plastic was a better resource and why. It was a great classroom discussion! They are very opinionated and ready to share their answers. Next week they move on to how to grow our resources.

In art this week, we continued to learn about their artist for the family art night coming up April 25th. They are learning about the father of abstract art, Mr. Wassily Kandinsky. They started to practice what abstract art looks like and will be building up to their final piece.



Before Spring Break we were contacted by a company called Spirit and Pride.  They offer school logowear for families to order.  We decided to give them a one-time try and we are sending the order forms and information home with the students.  We also have extras in the school office, if needed.

There are a few options/styles available to order if you desire.  You can order online, by phone, or by filling out the order form and returning it to the school office.  Instructions are included on the order forms.

Orders and payment are due by Friday, April 20.



Miss. Closner 

Friday, March 23, 2018

Fall Fest Fun Day and the Read-In coming up

What a week!

They flew through chapter 8 of math! Working more with a hundred chart, skip counting, and odd and even numbers. Most loved it!

In English/ Lang Arts this week they read about a tree that stood tall, on a family farm, for many years. At the end of the week, each student had to write a different ending. Some students wrote about building a tree house in the tree and more generations would be able to enjoy the tree standing tall. Others, decide the tree was too old and needed to come down. They then had the tree turned into sheds, doll houses and play houses. This would allow the generations to come the opportunity to still enjoy the tree.

We also worked more on our family traditions stories. Baseball games, football games, Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas. It's been great to hear about family traditions in your home.

We continued our Lenten Devotional and added more sting to our wooden nail cross! Red was the color of the week. Reminding us of the blood Jesus shed to save us from our sins.


TUESDAY 3.27.18 FALL FEST FUN DAY: BLS Students earned a special day of fun as a Fall Fest Reward! Students will see a special assembly by 'Tears of Joy' and drama instruction from Mrs. Payne in the afternoon. FREE LUNCH! Hot dog, chips, water and WeIce dessert. Bring a sack lunch if you don't want to participate. Additional hot dogs will be $2.00 each. WEAR SPIRIT WEAR!

THURSDAY 3.29.18 READ-IN: This is a day focused on literacy with special books, readings, reading activities and a movie! We will be watching Aladdin!

Friday 3.30.18 GOOD FRIDAY: Chapel will be at 8:40, Early release for all students at 11:15. Students may also wear SPIRIT WEAR.

Have a blessed weekend!

Ms. Closner

Friday, March 16, 2018

a week without planets

They were sad to move on! Every once in awhile I'd read them a space book, but we pretty much wrapped space up this week. They are moving on to the next chapter in Social Studies... In and Around the Land!!!!! They've already created a map, talked about Mountains, Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, plains, and woods.

In Christian Studies, they spent more time on Jesus' Miracles. They learned about The Miraculous Catch of Fish, Jesus Heals a Man with a Crippled Hand, and Jesus stills the Storm. Next week they  move on to Jesus Brings a Little Girl to Life.

They  read more from Arbor Day Square and started planning a narrative on family traditions, in Lang Arts. It's been fun to hear about all your family traditions and how you all spend the holidays!

In Math we are learning about ten more, ten less, and working more with the 100 chart. They have done a great job! They took the mid-chapter assessment today and did really well. They continue to love numbers.

In prepping for 2nd grade they have all started to take at least one AR quiz a week and pass it! This week they all took and passed a quiz. They have been doing an awesome job of reading.

Have an awesome weekend!


Ms. Closner

Friday, March 9, 2018

We are stuck on SPACE!


I was for sure we would finish our space unit and move on. Boy, was I wrong. THEY LOVE IT! Students are bringing in books that we can read throughout the day! They have so many questions, I have to write them down and go find the answer. We have not only talked about the solar system and the 8 planets in it. We have covered the dwarf planets, meteors, constellations (what they are, and how people in ancient times would use them to know when to plant crops). We've even talked some about the space race and how important it was! They don't want to stop! 

They wrote an opinion piece about their favorite planet and why. At the top of the page they had to draw a picture. THEY DID OUTSTANDING! 

They worked super hard on their math unit and wrapped up time! We move on this next week to more estimating and counting by 2s,5s, and 10s. 

They started their next unit in English Language Arts! focusing more on who is telling a story and sequenced events. This will lead to our unit end of writing another narrative that tells a story about a family! I can't wait to read what they come up with. 

We started covering Jesus' miracles this week in Christian Studies! We talked about how Jesus Healed a Crippled man, and how Jesus Healed Peter's Mother-in-Law. 

Hope to see you all at Sip, Savor and Support this weekend! 


Ms. Closner  

Friday, March 2, 2018

Grandfriends day and space

What a week!

We took off and spent our week in space. We have learned all about the 8 planets that revolve around the sun! We learned that Mercury is baked because its so close to the sun. We also learned it kinda looks like the moon. We learned that Venus has poisonous clouds that trap in heat. We learned that Earth is  93 million miles from the sun. We learned that Mars has the largest volcano in the Solar System. We then travel to what is considered to be the out planets, landing on Jupiter. We spent  A LOT of time on Jupiter's GREAT RED SPOT! WHAT A STORM THAT IS! Saturn has some pretty awesome rings. Uranus is a cool blue and Neptune finishes off our main planet run. NEXT UP... DWARF PLANETS!!!! Yep, we still get to learn about Pluto!

We started an opinion piece on what are favorite planet is and why! We also started an art project based off that piece. We should wrap that up this coming week.

We spent some time learning about clocks and the top of the hour. We also spent some time on half hours.

We rounded out the week with grandfriends day! it was so great to see everyone's grandfriends!!!! what a blessing to show them around school.

have a great weekend!


Ms. Closner

Friday, February 23, 2018


We blasted off this week and started our unit on the Solar System! Oh, Man!!!!!! THEY LOVE IT! First grade already has about 100 questions, that I need to spend my weekend finding answers to. It will be a fun few weeks diving into our solar system, the planets, moons, and stars! We've already started talking about the inner planets Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. We talked a little about the center of our solar system, the sun, and how it's actually a star. Ask your first grader What the yellow cloud around Venus is? Or what the clouds trap in? 

We wrapped up another math unit and are moving on to time this next week. Get out those analog and digital clocks, they will need to practice! 

We spent the majority of our week covering opinions again, in Lang Arts. This class has no problem sharing with me, what they like and what they don't like. Their next writing piece is sure to be interesting! 

Chapel this week was lead by Mr. Haan. He did a great job, reminding us not to worry about tomorrow, to trust in God, and accept change... GOD has it all under control! We put up some pretty awesome throw back pictures of teachers and parents. 

a few things heading into next week: 

1. We will NOT have library next Friday!!!!!!! It's grandfriends day. 

2. Reading is the ticket! If your student is participating in Silverwood's reading is the ticket program, just a reminder that the tally sheets are due back to the teachers by FRIDAY, MARCH 9. Parents must sign each tally sheet turned in or they won't be counted. students must complete 10 hours of recreational reading and they will get free admission to Silverwood Theme Park this summer! if you need another tally sheet, let me know. 

3. Inviting all grandparents and special friends to come and spend the morning with your student(s) on Friday, March 2, starting at 8:30. We have a lot of fun activities planned. You will travel from room to room where each teacher is hosting a different event such as putting together puzzles, decorating cookies, sharing life stories, having your picture taken with your student and more. The 2nd grade will be leading Chapel on that day and the L.E.S.T. drama team will perform, “Molly Steals an Airplane.”

The students will be dismissed at 11:15am so they can enjoy more time with their Grandparents and/ or special friends.
EACH STUDENT AND/OR SIBLINGS MUST HAVE AN ADULT TO ESCORT THEM THAT MORNING SINCE THE TEACHERS WILL BE HOSTING EVENTS IN THEIR ROOMS. If you know someone who would be interested in serving as a surrogate grandparent and/or friend, please let me know. We will pair them up with students who may not be able to have special visitors here on that day.

Have a blessed weekend!!!!!!! 

Miss. Closner