Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tomorrow we are having a special LEST preview assembly so we celebrated Valentine's Day early.  We were excited to end our day sharing God's love and our love with our classmates.  If you want to join us tomorrow for the special assembly it will be Tuesday 2-14 from 12:45-1:50pm.

There is no school this Thursday and Friday because our middle school students and many of our teachers will be attending LEST in Portland.  LEST is a tournament of middle school students competing in a variety of activities against other Lutheran Schools in the area.  Want a preview of the activities?  Join us tomorrow for the special preview assembly!

Our day began with morning work and discussing Jesus' miracle of feeding the crowd.  We are amazed at how Jesus provides for all our needs!  In Math, we worked on drawing a picture to solve word problems and took a Math quiz to check our progress.  In Reading, we focused on the illustrations in our story and the details that illustrations add to our understanding of the words in the story.  In the afternoon, we had Spanish and worked on revising narrative writing by adding details.  The day ended with our Valentine's Day party.  Thank you to all the parents that helped plan and participate in our party.  The class had a blast!

Enjoy the sun!
-Miss Stueve

Monday, February 6, 2017

Happy February!

Phew!  We made it through January and are already six days into February.  I am praying that we have a few more school days in February than we did in January!  I'm also hoping for a little more sunshine and warmth!

Our day began with morning work and discussing our week.  We are celebrating the 100th day this Thursday even though it's not technically the 100th day yet.  If your child wants to count out 100 items and bring them in a Ziplock bag, we will share them with the class on Thursday.  This morning, we discussed our memory verse. We can share God's love with others because He loved us first.  Then we read a story about Jesus healing a man with a crippled hand.  In Math, we wrapped up our measuring unit with another opportunity to measure things in our classroom with a partner and our groups.  In Reading, we focused on how illustrations help us to understand the words in the story.  In the afternoon, we had Spanish and then in Writing, we worked on adding details to revise our narrative writing.  The day ended with Social Studies Jeopardy.  Want to play at home?  Here is the link to the game:

Have a wonderful afternoon!
-Miss Stueve

Monday, January 30, 2017

First and Last January Monday

Thank you to everyone who helped out with Indoor Olympics last Friday!  The kids had a great time and we couldn't do it without our faithful volunteers!!

Our day began with a new Christian Studies unit focuses on the miracles of Jesus.  Today we discussed how Jesus healed a crippled man physically and also spiritually.  Jesus helps to heal both our physical sicknesses as well as our sin sicknesses.  In Math today we worked on measuring with nonstandard units.  For homework tonight, if you don't have cubes, feel free to use legos or paper clips or anything that you have that can be used to measure that is not a standard unit.  Please write at the top of the page what you used to measure.  (I explained this to the class as well!)  After morning recess, we took a reading test to assess our comprehension and vocabulary.  Our flat Hephatha students have arrived, so we read our letters and ate lunch with our new flat friends.  We will be taking them home today with a piece of paper to write about our adventures.  Please help your child to write a letter about their Flat Hephatha student.  Send the letter and flat student back to school tomorrow.  Thank you!  In the afternoon we did an opinion writing assignment and started our letters to our pen pals.  The day ended with a new Social Studies unit.  Ask your child what vocabulary words we will be using during our new unit.  

Stay warm and hopefully we will have a full week of school!
-Miss Stueve

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

NLSW - January 24th

Today was filled with a lot of learning in first grade as we try to play catch up.  They did wonderfully!  We were all very happy campers to be back in school and will likely be very tired campers this evening!  

Our day began with a quick visit to the book fair, a Christian studies lesson on Jesus wanting the Children to learn about Him, and PE practicing for Indoor Olympics (this Friday).  Then we had recess OUTSIDE!!  After recess, we did a lot of reading and writing.  We put on our focusing hats and made it through two lessons!  Way to go first grade!  We will be caught up in no time.  Our focus today was on reviewing our stories and writing our opinions about a topic related to shopping.  We love to write opinions!  In the afternoon we did two lessons on skip counting using a number line and using a hundred chart.  Then we had enough stamina to work together on writing our supporting reasons for our opinions.  The day ended with finishing up our jeopardy review game (from last Monday) and taking our Social Studies test.  

Tomorrow continues National Lutheran Schools Week with dressing-up fancy day!  Many of us forgot to bring in our canned food items to support our LEST food drive, so please send any canned food in tomorrow or Thursday.  We have a class goal of 23 and are currently at 13!

Class Pictures are next Tuesday.  Order forms went home today!  Even if you don't order a photo every student will be in the class picture.

Stay safe and warm!  Hopefully, I will see you tomorrow & the rest of the week! :)
-Miss Stueve