Friday, February 9, 2018

100 days and full seats

It was amazing to have everyone back!!!!! It was crazy, but wonderful! We also celebrated the 100th day of school.

We spent the week catching up! We finished up a unit in Lang Arts! They did a fantastic job of writing a beginning, middle and end piece. They can use transition words with ease. We started a new unit focusing again on informational text. They have learned about the difference between goods and services, taxes, producers, consumers and wants vs. needs. They once again started working on opinion pieces! It will be interesting to see if they think goods or services are more important, and why.

We covered a little bit of subtraction this week and will hopefully wrap that up next week!

We had our class picture this week and they look amazing! I was so thankful that most were over the bug and able to smile!

They smashed their memory verse this week! Chapel was lead by the 4th grade and they did an awesome job! The first graders loved the roses they handed out, that remind them of Jesus being a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valley! Plus, we also covered baptism in Christian Studies.

We started working on our valentines day boxes, for all the valentines we will receive this coming week! We also covered our 100th day of school and did an awesome project where they ripped paper to make wrinkles, that make them look like they are 100.

a few reminders:

Valentines day party is Monday at 1:30 PM
We only have school Monday-Wednesday! (LEST STARTS THURSDAY IN PORTLAND)
LEST preview is Tuesday at 1:30
Reading logs for the Silverwood passes are in their folders!



Ms. Closner 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Week of Empty Chairs

All the staff kept telling me that National Lutheran Schools Week was going to be the most exhausting week of the school year. up until Monday, I thought they were right. I had no idea that first grade was going to have such a rough week!

We spent the majority of our week praying for our friends! We prayed that they would heal up, we prayed that we would stay healthy, we prayed for parents, and siblings, and staff! I pray that this weekend first grade can rest and we come back Monday strong. 

With so many first graders out this week, it was an interesting week of learning. We did manage to cover a lot in English/ Lang Arts. We went over the 5 parts of narrative writing. We planned, wrote and started editing our first narrative. We will continue working on them next week! We worked on asking and answering questions about key details in a text. We went over beginning, middle and the end of  a text and even created our own ending to The Winners' Choice. We continued to work on signal words, and covered what a narrator is. 

We wrapped up our third unit in social studies and will start science again next week! PLANETS HERE WE COME! 

We read about how an angel visited Mary and Jesus our savior, is born! 

We spend a lot of time this week doing hub art for kids and learning to draw people, animals, animated characters, and vehicles! I'm pretty sure that was the highlight of the week. 

A few reminders: 


If you would like to help with the Valentine's Day Party email me. 

Our 100th Day of school will happen on February 7th. 

I PRAY YOU ALL ARE ABLE TO REST THIS WEEKEND! I pray that everybody gets healthy! I pray that nobody else goes down with any kind of sickness! 


Ms. Closner 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Zacchaeus and indoor Olympics

OH MAN!!!! What a week!

We had such a full week!

Monday started off National Lutheran Schools Week with the book fair preview and sending scripture to our family and friends! We practiced our chapel in the worship area and they had such a blast.

Tuesday, we all dressed like pets, and man was it a sight. They practiced chapel in their pet costumes (what a sight). We had some time, and worked on beginning, middle and the end of our story, The Winners Choice, by drawing each section and writing what happened. Then, we went back through it and added related words to signal the events order.

Wednesday was our BIG chapel day! the first graders did an outstanding job of role playing Zacchaues. They had a blast doing it. They love to role play! we role play just about every Bible story we read, and if we don't, I hear about it! they were totally in their element and rocked it!

Thursday was about the most normal day we had! We were able to do some vocabulary words, math, edit some Lang Arts sentences, and do an art/Christian studies project. We spent Thursday night looking at all the science fair projects the 3-5th graders worked so hard on. SO MANY COOL PROJECTS! and so many of you came out for it. Thanks for that.

Finally FRIDAY! MAN... it was GREAT! Indoor Olympics is such an awesome event. Plus, so many of you volunteered and did the relay race (NICE JOB)! The kids had a blast and tried their best at every event! It was great to see them running up and down the halls to compete in the next event, and then hear about how they did! What a fun exciting day! I sure hope they sleep well for you! I know I am going to sleep well tonight!



Ms. Closner

Friday, January 19, 2018

National Lutheran Schools Week!

Afternoon all, 

We had yet again, another very busy week in first grade! We wrapped up our Math Unit and took an assessment. We move on to more subtraction next week. 

We started rolling on our newest language arts unit and they are doing an awesome job. We are really working on Beginning, middle and end's of stories, and really using those details. We have talked a lot about Earthquakes, soccer teams, and tournament prize money! 

We continue to cruise on our Social Studies curriculum, we have covered post offices, maps, and modes of transportation. we will be wrapping up that unit very soon! 

National Lutheran School's Week has arrived!!!!!! this next week is going to be so crazy busy, get out your calendars and start marking. 

Day of the Week
Daily Theme
NLSW Activity
Other Special Events

Jesus is the Message of Scripture
Share Scripture with Someone
·         Students will share written bible verses with friends or family. 
Book Fair previews! students will have the opportunity to look at the selection of books at the book fair. 

Jesus is the Truth of the Reformation
Dress Up Day: Dress Like a Pet
·         In honor of the book fair, students may dress up like a pet.  This may include collars or ear headbands, styled hair, shirts with animals on it, etc.  No face paint for this day. 

Jesus is the Mission of the School and Church
1st Graders lead Chapel. Come watch @ 8:40 AM
Classroom Service Project (details to come) 

Jesus is the Heart of the Home
 Have students share how Jesus can be the heart of their home.  Look for it at Open House! 
Open House/Science Fair
Science Fair starts at 6:00 PM 
Jesus is the Focus of our Life
Indoor Olympics
opening ceremony starts @ 8:40 

Friday, January 12, 2018

Puppy pow wow

we had a VERY busy week! We completed our English language arts unit, and started the next. We started a new math chapter, developing addition strategies, and did a mid chapter check. They are loving addends and doubles! They can use a number line, with ease, and rock at it. We learned about post offices, community members and started looking at maps, in social studies.

We started an awesome art project, that I’m sure most of you have heard about! Come to the auction later this year, and you’ll be able to see it. Or better yet, purchase it!

I am so super proud of your first graders!!!! They rocked their latest star test! They have improved in reading, and it was so awesome to show them. look for the reports in their folders.

But the best part of the week was the puppy pow wow! Miss Stueve brought her pup, Gus. They earned their puppy pow wow this past fall, when they worked so hard on fundraising for Fall Fest.
It was a great time!

A few reminders:

No School Monday: January 15, 2018
National Lutheran Schools Week: January 22-26
1st grade leads chapel: January 24
Indoor Olympics: January 26

Have an awesome 3 day weekend

Ms. Closner

Friday, January 5, 2018

Welcome to the new year!

2018 Started out great!

They jumped right back with no problems. They are finishing up writing a compare and contrast piece (look for that in their folders next week). We started our unit on what a community is. I am sure some of you spent some time, hearing about all the people and places they saw, when driving. Some students came to school with lists of what they saw... HOW AWESOME!

We started the short week with Chapel. Pastor Andy did an awesome job of reminding us that we are not alone, The Lord is always with us. We spent some Christian Studies time with Jonah and Hezekiah! We also spent some time talking about what it means to be a missionary and how to be a missionary to those around us.

This next week we will start the next math Chapter, developing addition strategies. We will continue our journey with what it means to be apart of a community. We will explore Daniel and his journey to the loins' den and begin our next unit of English/Language Arts.

A few reminders:

 Sharing schedule: Your Student can bring Sharing on this day. Starting next week, January 8th. 

    Mondays: Brooklyn, Grant, Haylie, Easton, Jocelyn 
    Tuesdays: January, Mason, Luke, Kyton, Matthew 
     Wednesday: Ayden Kirsten, Oliver, Uriah, Addison 
     Thursday: Ryder, Paxton, Charlie, Briar, Jackson 
     Friday: Brady, Payton Emma, Jake

First grade is leading Chapel January 24, 2018. Mark your calendars and come join us.

 Indoor Olympics: January 26th. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Ms. Closner  

Friday, December 15, 2017

Schools Around the World!

This week was full! your first graders spent their English/Language Arts time studying 9 different schools, in different countries. They had so much fun! We learned about what school is like in Afghanistan (Maria), Australia (Rosita), Canada (Levi), Ghana (Aseye), Japan (Daisuke), Russia (Olia), South Africa (Sbongile), United Kingdom (Samanatha), and United States (Chavy). 

They read about each place/student and then took the time to write how school is different between the students, and how the schools are alike and different from our own school. It was a great time. 

We wrapped up our data math unit and will start our next unit when we get back from Christmas Break. Look for their latest math tests next week. 

We also wrapped up our second Social Studies unit, on Family, this past week as well! they are cruising! 

Chapel this week was lead by our 3rd grade class. They did an outstanding job of bringing in their Christmas items that reminded them of Christ/Christmas. They also taught us about the real meaning behind the 12 Days of Christmas. It was amazing! 

We closed out the week with Christmas program practice and man was it intense. We ran through the program twice and your first graders did an amazing job singing. I can't wait for you to hear them! 

a few reminders: 

Our class Christmas Party will be Wednesday at 10:20. 

Christmas program information:

The K-8 Christmas program will be held next Tuesday, December 19.  There will be a 2:00pm and a 7:00pm performance.
Please note that for the 7:00pm program, the doors will open at 6:30pm and that the students should meet in their classrooms.
The following is what the students should wear for the programs:
  • 2:00pm -              Standard of Dress clothing
  • 7:00pm -              Dressier clothing such as Christmas clothes, Sunday School clothes, etc. or Standard of Dress clothing.  No jeans, please.
Overflow parking will be on the east playground.  Parking rows will be marked and volunteer staff from our Properties & Facilities Board will be coordinating and guiding the parking.  Be advised that the ground is uneven and watch your step as you make your way into the building.  

Ms. Closner