Friday, December 8, 2017

ornaments and art

This week we really dove into our Advent Devotions! After talking with a lot of first grade this is their favorite time of day! Taking out an ornament and reading the Bible stories was a very exciting time. We read 8 different Bible stories this week that are leading us to the coming of baby Jesus.

We also had a wonderful time in Language Arts and Art! We have been studying different communities and places around the world. We have been learning how school are different around the world. Our first stop was China! we spent this week learning about how schools do things different in China, and spent our art time making the Chinese symbol for friend and God! They loved it! We will dive into more cultures this next week!

They have been rocking and loving the data unit. I'm sure there will be some students that will be sad to move on. It's been fun to see them work on different graphs. they have learned about tallie graphs, bar graphs, and picture graphs. I am sure they will rock their math assessment next week.

a few reminders:

Please bring coats and gloves. It's COLD!!!!!!
Chap stick is also a well loved winter item!

The Christmas program is coming up. If your child has a part, please continue to practice it with them. We will have two Christmas program times on December 19! The first performance will be at 2:00 PM and the second at 7:00 PM. They have been practicing the music so well!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Ms. Closner 

Friday, December 1, 2017

Data and Advent

What a busy, full week! we started our data unit in math, and your first graders had a blast. They graphed and tallied everything from favorite star wars movie to favorite subject in school. Though, I did have to lookup how to spell some star wars words.

Chapel this week was lead by Pastor mark. He continued on with a thanksgiving theme, and to continue to be thankful for all that we have.

We also started our new advent devotions, that will take us to Christmas Break in Christian Studies. Each Student will have an envelope with an ornament that they will get to put on our class Christmas tree. Each ornament has a sticker on one side, and a bible verse on the other. Each verse leads us to a story in our bible that will walk us through the advent season to the Birth of Christ.

We practiced more of our Christmas program music, and they are doing so well! they are not the easiest of songs, and they are flying through them. I'm sure they will have them down by the Christmas program!

We wrapped up our opinion unit and we are moving on to different communities. Today we started learning about what schools are like in China! It will be exciting to see what other communities we learn about.

We finished up our first Social Studies Unit on our school community. They did an outstanding job of creating a school rules poster, (look for it Monday). We are heading into our second unit, Families!

Have a wonderful weekend!

See you Monday!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Short Week!

This week was super short, but very packed! your first graders had Spanish on Monday and Christmas program practice. They are doing such a great job!!! These Christmas songs are challenging, and they are rising to that challenge. Each group also worked on a bullying poster! Look for it early next week, in their folders. They had to make a headline, add three main points, and take turns drawing a picture. Once again, they did an outstanding job. 

Tuesday was just as eventful! They started their day with Chapel. Pastor Mark Adams did a wonderful job of leading a Thanksgiving Day Chapel. He had each of the students write what they are thankful for and bring it up to the alter. It was wonderful to see! we then went straight into more Christmas program practice and ended our day with vocabulary!

I pray you have a restful Thanksgiving!

Ms. Closner

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Butterflies have arrived!

It has been an exciting couple weeks in first grade. Last week we ended our week with our harvest party! WE HAD SUCH A BLAST! We started this week with a bang... our butterflies broke free of their cocoon's, pushed out their wings to harden, and started to fly around their cage. IT WAS EXCITING!

We had a super busy week! We read about some strong leaders in the Bible, Esther, Jehoshaphat, Solomon, and David and Goliath. We honored our Veterans at a wonderful chapel. We packed boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Learned about opinions and how to support them... ask your first grader to give an opinion using an opinion word! I'm sure they will be able to tell you all about it.  We worked really hard on subtraction this week, and ended with an assessment today. 

A few reminders: 

please have your child bring a coat to school. 
sign up for a conference time. 
work with them to color the picture for Pastor's coloring contest.
please have your child bring chapstick to school for the winter months. 

Pray you all have a wonderful 3 day weekend! 


Ms. Closner 

Friday, October 27, 2017

J-shape and chrysalis

First Graders had a very busy week! 

We are wrapping up our unit on informational texts! Ask them about how animals use different body parts, or how different animals sleep. I am sure they will tell you a lot! 

We started our unit on subtraction and really worked on the meaning of subtract, minus, and difference. 

Science was probably the most exciting part of the week! our caterpillars grew over the weekend, and most started the week in a J-shape. Halfway through the week the majority of our caterpillars molted and became a chrysalis. It will be exciting to see when our butterflies emerge. 

Harvest Party
It’s that time of year!

Our harvest party will be on Friday, November 3.

The students will be allowed to bring their costumes to school.  If students choose to bring a costume, they will have time to change into their costumes at our last recess, which is right before the party.

In order to streamline the changing process, their costumes will need to fit over their regular school clothes.  Please no scary or inappropriate costumes.  If you have questions about what is and what is not allowed, please contact me.

The parents who have graciously agreed to volunteer this year are  Haylie’s mom (Mindy) Oliver’s mom (Kathryn), Addison’s mom (Kristen), Ryder’s mom (Danielle), Payton’s mom (Jessra), and Jackson’s mom (Janelle).  If you have any questions or concerns about the party, or would like to volunteer, please contact me.  

Many blessings,
Ms. Closner 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Puppy Pow WOW and Ice Cream

Happy Friday,

First grade had a very exciting week! Ask them about their new classroom pets. Our Caterpillars arrived yesterday and today they were able to observe their very own caterpillars with their six grade buddies! Pastor Mark came and taught us about Israel crossing the Jordan. We made a rainbow to ten and worked out all the different combos to make ten. We worked on what a Noun is and what a verb is. We learned about text features and main idea! They are doing Outstanding!

With the end of our fall fest fundraiser this week it was announced that we have earned our ice cream party and a puppy pow wow with Miss. Stueve's pup Gus... more info to come one when those will be!

I hope to see you all tomorrow at our Fall Fest!


Ms. Closner

Friday, October 6, 2017



Your first grader enjoyed three wonderful treats today! I pray you have a restful evening :). They worked hard on their Christian Studies, read to their awesome 6th grade buddies, and rocked their first writing assessment! They learned about nouns and verbs, worked on text features, and started to master main ideas.

They are SO close to reaching their goal for fall fest. Your first graders have raised $1,948.76. They only need to raise $451.24, to get their ice cream party. Plus, the school is doing a Fall Fest Quick Finish Weekend. 

We are challenging the students to raise $5,000 over this weekend, October 7-8!  If they accomplish this goal, they will win a Free Dress Day, date to be determined.  Packets should be turned in on Monday, October 9, and they will be returned that afternoon for continued collecting.  Preschool packets are due Tuesday, October 10, for the Quick Finish Weekend.  Pledge packets are due for good on Thursday, October 12!

Good luck in your collecting!