Monday, May 22, 2017

Exciting Day Tomorrow

Did you hear that we are having our Pacific Science Fun Day at Bethlehem tomorrow?  We are looking forward to spending the day having fun while learning a bit of Science!

Important information for tomorrow:
Send in $1 with your child so that they can get a hot dog lunch.  If your child doesn't want a hot dog, please send in a cold lunch.
Have your child wear sunscreen.  We will be spending some extra time outside so sunscreen will be important to avoid sunburns!
Send your child with a water bottle tomorrow.  It's going to be a hot one!  Extra hydration is key in hot weather.
Students can wear spirit wear tomorrow and Friday!  We decided that since this was a fun day we would make it extra fun by wearing spirit wear.

Today in first grade we talked about Tabitha (also known as Dorcas) and the great things that she did to serve the Lord.  We are glad that we are able to serve the Lord too!  In Math, we are continuing to work on pages that will get us ready for second-grade math.  Our focus today was on measuring using inches.  Ask your child to use a ruler to measure something at home tonight!  In Reading, we are continuing to take a close look at our story, "Whose is This?," with a focus on making connections between the text, pictures, and the world around us.  In the afternoon, we had Spanish and worked on planning our opinion writing.  Review with your child the differences between facts and opinions.  The day ended with Social Studies and then a special surprise.  It is our last unit of the year and we are focusing on the world both near and far.  Ask your child what special item they have in their backpacks today!

Enjoy the wonderful warm weather!
-Miss Stueve

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

First Grade Chapel Message 2017

Did you miss our chapel message?  Below is a video of one of our practices.  Enjoy!

Monday, May 15, 2017

It's the Middle of May Already!

Can you believe it?!  It's already the middle of May!  We are beginning to wrap up the year and look forward to summer.  Even though summer is quickly approaching, we are continuing to learn and have fun each day!

Don't forget:  First Grade is presenting the chapel message this Wednesday.  Chapel begins at 8:45 am!  If your child is a Villager and would like to bring in a small blanket or pillow, they are welcome to bring one to add to our chapel skit!

Our day began with chapel practice.  We are rocking our skit and look forward to presenting for everyone on Wednesday.  They will be bringing home the script tonight.  Please send it back to school with them each day, so that we can continue to practice at school!  In Math, we are done with our regular math pages but will be spending the next few weeks working on a few review pages as well as some challenge pages to get us ready for second grade.  Ask your child what they learned in Math today (missing addends and using subtraction problems to help us solve addition problems).  In Reading, we are comparing our stories "A Picnic in October" and "One Classroom, Many Cultures."  Today our focus was on comparing characters in the story.  In the afternoon, we had Spanish and worked on checking our book reviews for errors.  The day ended with Science.  We continued working on light waves with a focus on shadows today.  Have fun exploring shadows with your child this afternoon!

Enjoy the sunshine!
-Miss Stueve

Monday, May 8, 2017

Exciting things are coming!

Did you hear?  First grade will be giving the chapel message next Wednesday, May 17th!  We would love to have you join us for chapel at 8:40 NEXT Wednesday.

Hot lunch will be TOMORROW due to the Middle School track meet on Wednesday!

Today in first grade we started practicing our chapel skit and we look forward to performing it for you next week!  Ask your child what part they want in the skit.  I will be assigning parts this week and we will be taking 2 weeks off of memory because we will be doing our best to memorize our script.  In Math, we are working on subtracting with 2-digit numbers.  We have been doing really well on our 2-digit addition, but subtraction tends to be more of a challenge.  Walk through their homework with them and remind them to subtract the ones first and then the tens.  In Reading, we continued to read our story, "A Picnic in October," with a focus on author word choice.  In the afternoon, we had Spanish and then worked on writing the start of a book review.  The day ended with Science.  We are shifting our focus to light waves for the next week.  We will return to sound waves at the end when we compare light and sound waves.

Enjoy the wonderful weather!
-Miss Stueve