Monday, June 12, 2017

Last Full Day!

Your child is almost a second grader!  It's hard to believe how quickly the year passed.  I have loved teaching each of your children and I pray that you have a rest-filled summer!

Tonight we have our 8th-grade Graduation at 6:30 pm.  All are welcome to join us at 6:30 to watch our 8th-grade friends graduate.

Tomorrow is our Picnic Day.  Please wear SPIRIT Wear (a BL top and shorts - not too short please), sunscreen, and shoes to run in.  Also, bring a water bottle and a picnic lunch if you want to enjoy a lunch on the lawn after or you are free to head home after all the picnic games are finished around 11 am.

Wednesday is our Closing Chapel and our Kindergarten Graduation.  We will be wearing STANDARD OF DRESS.  All are welcome to join us for chapel!  Our day will end around 10 am.  We will be having Chapel in the gym and then returning to our classroom after to pick up our report cards.  We ask that you wait in the gym until ALL students have exited the gym and then you are free to pick up your child after chapel in our classroom or at pick-up line.

Thank you for a wonderful year!!
-Miss Stueve

Monday, June 5, 2017

Last Full Week of School

Can you believe that it is almost the end of the year?  It is hard to believe that in a week and a half we will be starting our summer break and the first graders will officially be second graders!

We are wrapping up a few things this week in preparation for the end of the year.  Many items that we will no longer be using will be coming home over the next few days.  Please check your child's backpack each night to clean it out and make room for more items coming home each day.

Today we began the day with Christian Studies, reviewing the story of Jonah.  Although Jonah tried to run away from God He promises to always be with us and God used Jonah to share the Good News of Christ's love.  We can share the Good News of Christ with those around us as well.  In Math, we did a review of fact families creating 2 addition and 2 subtraction sentences using only 3 numbers.  In Reading, we compared our stories and the differences between fiction and informational texts.  In the afternoon, we had music and then worked on writing reasons to support our opinions.  The day ended with a lesson about people around the world using languages to communicate and a magic school bus video.  Ask your child what they learned while watching the video.  (We learned about the water cycle)

Ask your child what fun activity did we earn in our balloon that we will be doing tomorrow?

We are doing summer birthday celebrations this week.
Today: Kinsey
Tuesday: Aaron
Wednesday: Ethan
Thursday: Quinn
Friday: Dylan

Happy Summer Birthday!

Have a wonderful sunny afternoon!
-Miss Stueve

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

End of May!

I hope that you had a wonderful and rest-filled long weekend!  We are so thankful for the men and woman who died serving our country.  This morning we said a special prayer for them!

Tomorrow we will be having Move-Up day from 1:30-2:30.  First grade will have a chance to move up to second grade for an hour after last recess and talk with Mrs. Picker about second grade.  We are looking forward to the opportunity to get to know Mrs. Picker and to learn about the similarities and differences between first and second grade.

Our day began with looking at the week ahead and discussing the exciting things that we have going on this week.  It is our last library/technology time of the year on Thursday.  We will be taking our STAR test to check the progress we have made in reading since the start of the year.  In Christian Studies we reviewed Adam and Eve and following the rules.  Then we had PE outside.  In Reading, we talked about word choices and how the words we choose when we write effect our message to the reader.  In Math, we had a chance to play the games that we worked on creating last week.  Ask your child how long it took them to play the game.  In Writing, we worked on creating an ending for our writing.  Have your child share the conclusion for their story.  The day ended with a Social Studies lesson on people around the world and a short Veggie Tales video (this was our 11 days left of school reward).  We are loving popping the balloons each day to find out what special activity we will be participating in!

Stay cool!
-Miss Stueve